Halloween Weekend !

We're heading into the weekend before Halloween and we are gearing up for a great Halloween night pumpkin light!  This is a Westford tradition that has now spanned generations.  Come after dark and enjoy hundreds of jack-o-lanterns that are spread through the orchard in a walk that is out of this world!  This is a free event for the public and our way of saying "THANK YOU!" for a wonderful fall season.  Note: the parking lot does fill up so please be patient, go around the block and come back. 

We will also be picking apples (yes, plenty still on the trees!) and pumpkins from our pumpkin patch. For apples, we have plenty of cortland, empire, and golden delicious. We also have some mcintosh and macoun but you have to hunt around a bit to get them.  In our picnic area we will be welcoming back Morgan Minsk on Saturday and LukiesFortune on Sunday. The fire will be roaring for orchard-side s'mores.  The fall foliage is gorgeous - bring a picnic and enjoy!

Our retail area is also packed full of just picked apples of all varieties (including Honeycrisp), great pumpkins of all sizes and shapes, fresh cider donuts (while they last!), ice cold apple cider and root beer.  There's plenty to do to have a great fall outing. Hope you will join us!