McIntosh Apples: The quintessential New England Apple. Tender, white flesh, sweet with a slight tang, and very juicy. Best for eating and apple sauce. Available throughout the fall season.

Cortland Apples: All-purpose juicy apple with white flesh and a bit of tartness. It is an excellent for eating, pies, and baking. Also terrific for salads and freezing because they do not turn brown quickly when cut. Cortland apples are available throughout the fall season.

Macoun Apples: The Macoun apple is a very crisp, moist apple with a white flesh. The flavor is sweet and is our most popular eating apple. Also excellent in salads, pies, and sauce. The Macoun apple is a mix between McIntosh and jersey Black varieties. Best if picked in late September-October.

Empire Apples: A mix between Red Delicious and McIntosh, Empire apples are a sweet-tart combination that's great for everything. Best if picked in late September-October.

Golden (Yellow) Delicious: A honey sweet apple that has a mild flavor. Very juicy, crisp and light yellow flesh. It is excellent for eating and is great for pies, baking, and freezing. It is not just a yellow version of a Red Delicious.

Autumn Gala: A hard and crunchy apple. It is a sweet apple with an orange blush over a yellow background. Great for eating, as well as added to salads, cooked and for creating sauces.

Evercrisp: A relatively new variety that “packs a loud crunch”! It is a combination of HoneyCrisp and Fuji and will be you new favorite apple. This comes in mid October.